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Kids React to Typewriters

Posted by samrishe on August 4, 2014

Kids React  is a youtube channel created by the Fine Brothers Productions company. Every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday, new short videos are posted where kids react to old technology, ideas, shows etc. It’s a fun comedic way to show how the world has progressed throughout the years. In this episode, kids react to a typewriter. Fortunately, almost every kid knew what it was when they first saw it. They claimed they had seen one on TV or in movies, but confessed they didn’t know how to use one. Throughout the course of the funny video, the kids tried and failed to figure out how to use the ‘ancient’ device. As they slowly figured it out (with some help), their reactions were priceless. Some kids liked it more than others. One boy admitted he felt bad for people that had to use it, especially since it takes forever to make copies. One girl seemed to really enjoy the typewrite since it doesn’t use technology and “we should always save energy.”

I have to admit, I definitely learned more about how to use a typewriter from this video. I’ve never actually had to use one.

If you have the time, I would definitely watch part of the short video. It’s comedic and surprisingly educational!


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