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The Internet Isn’t a Happy Hippie Commune; The Truth Behind Viral Videos

Posted by sarahkana10 on August 4, 2014

“The Internet isn’t a happy hippie commune where we exchange goods and ideas only for the price of good karma and pot muffins.” – Annie Colbert

 We’ve all seen the oh-so-tempting to view videos on Facebook that our Friends have watched and share all over our Newsfeeds.  By now, most of us have figured out, that they are in fact, spam.

But the truth is, they’re not JUST spam.  “Hide yo’ kids, hide yo’ wife — viral videos are climbing into your News Feed, snatching up your content.”

They’re not snatching up personal content- (well, who knows, maybe they are) but they are taking the place of tons of content that would normally be in our Newsfeeds, preventing us from seeing what we really want to see on Facbeook- our friends and families.

“Rival Google still dominates the online video market, but Facebook’s controversial move toward auto-play last year has made video consumption a more natural part of the News Feed experience. When you pause your scrolling to watch a herd of baby goats or dancing ferrets, Facebook recognizes that, and then delivers even more videos.”

In a recent Mashable article by Annie Colbert, she used the analogy of thinking of how Facebook has allowed so many more videos than it used to to overtake our feeds as the modern “You break it, you buy it.” You watch it, you see it again and again and again.

By lifting wildly popular videos from YouTube and other sites and uploading the content directly to Facebook, these Pages take up prime real estate in the News Feed. Personally, it doesn’t really upset me too much, but it does make me wonder what I’m missing from my Newsfeed in place of these videos.

What do you think?

You can read more here.


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