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iPhone 6 for September 9

Posted by Karen on August 5, 2014

Ready. Set. Go, to Apple store to grab an iPhone 6, which is scheduled to launch on September 9, according to “a report” quoted by Don’t be too excited though. It is doubtful that the iPhone 6 will create the same long waiting queue outside of the Apple stores.

Supposedly having a larger 5.5-inch screen than iPhone 5s’ 4.6 inches, running on a new A8 faster processor, the iPhone 6’s launching date has been delayed a few times, based on various rumors. Considering the recent iPhone 5s ad campaign that aims to continue the strong sales of the 5s model, iPhone 6’s launch doesn’t seem as exciting as other models’ launches. Spreading rumors and delaying launching dates may have been Apple’s PR strategy to gradually move people’s attention from 5s to 6.  The PR and marketing strategies certainly play an important role in Apple’s success. However, people will soon get tired of seeing that changing the size of screen turns out to be the center of attention.

Almost every new iPhone’s launch puts Tim Cook’s ability of innovation in question. Can iPhone make any other major improvement other than changing the size of screen? Better question is, can Cook make any improvement other than playing with what Jobs left him?


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