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One of the Russians is lying

Posted by Karen on August 5, 2014

Selfie, as fun as they can be, has gone wrong a few times during the Ukraine civil war. Earlier a young Ukraine separatist posted her photo taken at the MH17 crash site upsets the internet. Recently a man named Alexander Sotkin, self-identified as a Russian soldier, posted two selfies on Instagram from within the Ukraine border, first reported by BuzzFeed.

It is a bigger problem than a controversy. Even though everyone knows that Russia is supporting Ukrainian nationals who are rebelling against their government, the Russian army never admitted that they have a crossed the borderline. The soldier’s two Instagram photos showed otherwise.

Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 1.31.26 PM

Sotkin has been active on social media for months while on duty. His social media profile describes himself as an instructor at the department of radio communications. His Instagram feed apparently shows how much fun he is having. One picture shows himself eating a watermelon. Another selfie caption reads:”sitting around, working on a buk, listening to music, basically a good sunday.”

Of course the Russian Embassy claimed that the photos were forgeries. We can’t draw a conclusion based upon either the Russian embassy’s denial or Sotkin’s Instagram’s “photo map”, which seemed to be forgotten to get turned off. One of them is lying, and that should not have been the intention of using social media.


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