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Posted by chelseatufarolo on August 6, 2014

And for those of you that aren’t cat people…

Just when I think I’ve seen every type of regional, matching app (I’m looking at you Tinder) another one seems to appear. But at least this one is for a good cause!

Social Tees, a New York-based animal rescue, and Bartle Bogle Hegarty, an ad agency, were in the news recently for creating Tinder profiles for 10 rescue dogs. A similar situation was also blogged about earlier by one of our classmates. (See: Online Match Making – For Puppies!)

Instead of relying on this existing app, Bark & Co. created an app especially designed for this purpose. The app, called BarkBuddy, has even been nicknamed “Tinder for Dogs.”

BarkBuddy, according to their website, allows users to “fine fluffy singles in your area” and “connects you with cute pups that need a home.”

While the Social Tees/ Bartle Bogle Hegarty promotion suffered some setbacks (because of lack of Tinder-user background checks), BarkBuddy has proven more successful.


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