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Digitalizing group homes (thank goodness!!)

Posted by Kristiana C on August 6, 2014


I thought I had a novel idea, but it turns out that someone else came up with it first: an app that lets roommates know how much bills are, what needs to be cleaned, and what shared purchases need to be made. It’s called HomeSlice. And I think it’s wonderful.

While yes, all of these things are pretty easy to track otherwise, I sometimes feel rude or insensitive sending someone a text or god forbid leaving a passive aggressive note when it’s their turn to take care of a chore. I’m really excited to introduce them to this and see if it will make a difference in the way we can communicate with one another.

I have had 3 roommates for a while now, and a 4th just moved into our sunroom– while we all get along great, it can sometimes be cumbersome to deal with everything via emails and text messages, which is what we do right now.

Could any of you use this in your home situations? I just told my roomies about it and we’re all downloading it now.



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