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From the mouths of Barbaras: Old people on Facebook

Posted by Kristiana C on August 6, 2014


People I’m friends with on Facebook bring it up all the time: one of my grandmothers posts on my Timeline every single day. She doesn’t have a profile picture, and doesn’t know how to message privately: her wall posts are often about going to get a haircut or doing the laundry. She also clicks “share” for anything that pops up on her newsfeed, so many of my friends wonder why she’s shared their new profile picture. I love her to death, but her use of the site is pretty stereotypical, and hilarious.

But with the fastest growing group on Facebook being women over age 55, I think we’re all more likely to start getting these interactions from relatives we never expected to be on the internet. While it can be embarrassing (if she posts pictures, I’m sure those awkward preteen years will finally be online), it can also be very entertaining. I present for your viewing pleasure the “oldpeoplefacebook” subreddit!

Do any of you guys have similar relatives online? What are some funny things that have happened?


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