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Girl accidentally “sexts” her dad

Posted by Kristiana C on August 6, 2014

If you missed it, a story came out last month about how a young woman accidentally texted a nude picture of herself….. to her father. There was no delete button that could save her, and her dad (now realizing just what her conversations with her boyfriend entailed) reacted in quite arguably appropriate rage. A frequent tweeter, she hit the internet for help, updating her followers with every step as the drama unfolded.

But according to a scientific study, a whopping 50 percent of Americans have engaged in “sexting” in some form or fashion– be it verbal or through pictures.


Sadly, I’ve heard even worse anecdotes than that of this young woman. While she sent a naked picture to her father, some people have accidentally sent them over facebook message, only to end up actually posting them to their own facebook accounts. I can’t imagine anything that would send a reputation spiraling faster than something like this.

Have you ever heard of a similar story in your personal circle? If people want to make this risky choice, how can they best mitigate the negative possibilities?


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