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It doesn’t have to end here, enjoy this GIF from me!

Posted by kwright28 on August 6, 2014

As this summer course comes to an end, students will graduate, some with add what they’ve learned to their resumes, and others will be looking for jobs and internships. We know that social media plays a huge role in the marketing realm and digital marketing is a beast all on it’s own. The evolution of job opportunities that can be found in the social media market, are truly astounding.

As one of the students who already has a full-time gig, I’d like to leave the class with a gif.

Yes, I am spelling that correctly…..GIF! Those wonderful little clips that make conversations that much more entertaining with their relevancy! But first, let’s take a moment to process the end of this course and the beginning of the next step……


Now that we’ve established that. Let me share that if you love gif’s and meme’s as much as I do, your future just got brighter! A job where you responsibility is to create gif’s for a living is waiting for you!!

excitedGiphy, the Betaworks-backed media start-up is currently hiring an Editorial Assistant / GIF Content Specialist! The job title is a new one in the business/marketing world, but is rising in popularity. Simply put, supply and demand.

Don’t believe me, take a look at the article, who broke the news:

You Can Now Work As A “GIF Content Specialist” Thank you, Internet.

One last thing….


It’s been a pleasure.

You’re welcome.







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