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Japan’s robots are reading your emotions

Posted by jn5464a on August 6, 2014



You don’t have to speak a word to get your meaning across”- just walk.

Last month, Japanese and French scientists discovered an emotion recognition algorithm that can analyze one’s emotions simply by their ‘gait’ or walk.   These discoveries will be used to enhance  robot and human transactions. Though the robots have yet to be brought to the U.S platform, they have become a main source for information that will help to increase future advancement of machines as ‘caregivers and companions’.

The algorithm found, bases human interactions off of five emotions: neutral, happiness, anger, sadness and fear. The studies tested 20 people finding that speed and posture are two key factors in conveying how one feels. Though the study originally sought to build robot companionship, researchers feel that the discoveries can attribute to robots becoming more “human like” so that they too can express their feelings.

Sounds a little like I am Legend to me.

What are your thoughts?


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