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New survey reveals why cell phone apps fail

Posted by atifgabriel on August 6, 2014

Key Findings

The survey brought about three key findings:

  • A large majority of QA is performed by end users: according to their research users detect nearly half (44 percent) of app defects. This finding signifies a need to improve the work of development/test teams.
  • Device compatibility is suffering: device compatibility was cited as an issue by 45 percent of respondents. The solution to this problem is relatively easy, and would address one of the main complaints found in the survey.

Testers are overloaded: mobile is moving too fast for testers to keep up — 63 percent of testers stated they were not able to cover the number of test cases or test across all the different devices and OS versions required for full coverage support. The survey suggests addressing this by implementing an automated testing platform with real device access.

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