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One of the Best Infographics about Death and the Internet

Posted by Ben Gregson on August 6, 2014

Like mostly every other person in this class, I have spent a fairly sizable amount of time researching death over the past month, and the title of this blog is saying more than you might think: there are a lot of infographics that illustrate the metrics of death online. The infographic in question is created by WebpageFX, and it is included after the “read more” link in this blog because it is rather large. In addition to being a very high-quality infographic that crams together an incredible amount of information, it included two really interesting sections that other, similar graphics did not. First, near the beginning of the infographic, it poses the viewer ask themselves four questions:

  1. Who owns my data?
  2. How long until deactivation [of my account]?
  3. Can others claim my name?
  4. What happens when a friend or family member passes?

These are really important questions that Internet users need to begin asking themselves, on a regular basis, in addition to being aware of privacy settings and safety online. The infographic then does a good job at providing information someone can use to answer these questions for themselves, so I don’t want to rehash that, but I do want to look at the two graphs at the bottom of the image. Under the title, “The Fate of Facebook: When the dead will outnumber the living,” the infographic poses two possible futures. One in which Facebook’s user base stops growing, in which case there will be more deceased users and accounts on Facebook than there are living users. If facebook continue to grows at the pace they are growing at now, then the dead won’t overtake the living until 2130. Either way, I had never thought about how much of social networking sites will becomes detritus, and in such a small period of time. Users should be wary of giving these companies content that they will own far after those users die. How will Facebook use your face in the future? Digital-Demise-Infographic (1)


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