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Pizza Anyone?! : There’s an App for that

Posted by jn5464a on August 6, 2014



PushForPizza is a pizza lover’s dream! Created by two 19-year old boys, the app does one simple thing; orders pizza. With three simple steps,determining your location, price range and pizza preference,s a pizza is delivered to your front step within minutes.

According to the Huffington Post, the app is similar to the social media “one hit wonder” “Yo” (the app that sends messages to your friends using the simple phrase “yo”). how original. Much like “Yo”, PushForPizza is life in it’s simplest form.  While it’s convenient and rather tasty, I personally feel that these apps only add to the world’s insane dependency on technology.  Additionally, I feel that it is reflective of the “lazy” and “in a hurry” mentality and stereotype that Americans have developed.

Even so, that’s what apps are for right; to make things easier?  Well it’s done just that and it seems to be getting a pretty big response.  Check out their youtube commercial (#PushForPizza) below:

#PushForPizza   <——Push me.

So pizza lovers, What do you think? Are app creations becoming a waste of time and effort; are they still effective or is their credibility dwindling?  I would love to hear your thoughts.


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