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Snapchat, meet Bolt.

Posted by chelseatufarolo on August 6, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-08-06 at 1.39.00 AM

Instagram, in hopes of competing with Snapchat, plans to release a new one-to-one photo-messaging app called Bolt. This app will be different, and hopefully more successfully than Instagram Direct, the feature previously introduced as a Snapchat-alternative.

Although Bolt boasts that is has “faster photo sharing,” the most interesting feature, to me, is is the ability to take back whatever you sent. Unlike Snapchat, where your pictures will inevitably be screenshotted and possibly used for blackmail, Bolt promises that users will have the ability to undo whatever they send their friend. The “shake to unsend” feature allows you to “retract a Bolt within the first few seconds of sending it by shaking your phone,” according to a TechCrunch article.

Where Bolt’s unique features seem to struggle is in its restriction on the number of recipients. Bolt’s messaging seems to be geared towards one-on-one photo sharing, as opposed to Snapchat, which allows user to send the same photo to your entire friend list at once. Although such a feature could create a new, revolutionary platform for companies to send extremely personalities messaging to their clients.

Currently the app is being tested out in South African, New Zealand and Singapore, but it will eventually be release worldwide. So, until then, we can only really speculate about what this app has to offer.


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