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Social Media a primary factor in depression for teenagers?

Posted by Kristiana C on August 6, 2014

We’ve all heard stories about teens who were cyber bullied to the point of suicide. And most of us have seen the idiotic “challenges” others post to youtube, riskily testing the limits of their bodies for upvotes and likes. (Here about the fire challenge? It’s self immolation. I’m not even kidding.)


But new studies have shown that, beyond these extreme measures, facebook and twitter in and of themselves can be psychologically detrimental to teens. 59% of them actually don’t feel like they “fit in” on Facebook, which is almost humorous when you realize that that’s a majority of respondents.

5,000 young women who use We Heart It (a site I’ll admit I use and love) were  surveyed, and 66 percent of them admitted to feeling bullied as a result of their online interactions.

Should teens just stay away from social media altogether if they don’t already have high self esteem? Will the teens of tomorrow be any different from us psychologically as a result of this exposure?


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