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Swipe Left for Jobs

Posted by Ben Gregson on August 6, 2014

This isn’t a judgement post. Well, that’s a lie, but it isn’t judging young social daters. It’s judging social job-hunting app Jobr.

Most smart phone users are, by now, familiar with the growing number of social dating apps, each with their own focus. The most popular ones, such as Tindr and Grindr, have a strong focus on images, with users making matches purely on a scale of, “Yes I think they are attractive,” or, “No I do not think they are attractive.” Some users may have a more in-depth selection process than this, but the app certainly doesn’t request you make that leap. It’s simple, easy and very of-the-time for young mobile users; it makes sense that this style of app is being used less for social dating and more for casual fun times.

The stories about how these apps are used has definitely given this kind of app a brand image, and that image isn’t exactly synonymous with professionalism. This is why I find it so strange that Jobr is attempting to sell itself as a job-hunting app using the Tindr model, even if that is the goal. Perhaps they never brought the comparison intentionally, but they did choose to name the app and company Jobr, which not only looks like the social dating apps but also sounds innately sexual. The app has had some modest success, but it doesn’t matter to me how good the service is. I can’t get over the strange choice of brand alignment, and I could see an almost identical service with a more professional image pulling the rug out from under Jobr before they take off.



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