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Tools for Amateurs in Social Media Measurement

Posted by Ben Gregson on August 6, 2014

One of the most useful parts of social networking services, for companies and brand managers, is the insanely large quantity of data being collected on users’ behavior, both as a whole and with specific brands. Knowing what numbers to look at, and how to get them, can be a difficult first step when starting out, though. Below are three tips for an amateur, from an amateur, about how to find and look at interesting metrics for your brand, for free.

1. There’s more than just magnitude 

Yes, you can use social media metrics to assess the magnitude of visitors or followers you have. But magnitude without context means almost nothing. Do any smaller brands have active communities sharing their content? Perhaps that is more desirable. Focus on looking at how magnitude changes over time, to show gross, loss or stagnation.

2. Follow where your links go

As links get shared around the internet, they can usually be tracked. A really good way of assessing your users’ behaviors is by watching how they share your content, and with whom. Services like TweetReach can give you more in-depth information for specific tweets than other metric tools. Another good tool for sharing is using links. Not only are these links shorter, convenient for Twitter, every click and share is tracked after you create one.

3. Cast a wide net of assessment

Don’t engage on just one social media network, and don’t assess your brand on just one social media network. Look at them all. More than that, look at your competitors. Using a service like HowSociable, you can compare your brands performance on multiple networks, and it will help you assess strengths and weaknesses. Take careful notes about where you are failing, and where your competitors are failing. Those are also your biggest areas of opportunity.


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