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Whisper Advertising

Posted by chelseatufarolo on August 6, 2014

If you can recall Whisper from our classmates’ Trends presentation, you will remember that the app as an anonymous secret-sharing site/Postsecret 2.0.

Following our class discussion, and in-class secret-sharing exercise, I did not imagine the app’s real potential and never thought of it as a platform for advertising.

Despite my doubts about the app, Whisper has actually been the basis of several campaigns targeted towards the target 17-24 age group. Unlike the app’s competition), Whisper has successfully advertised for a variety of television series and movies. In March, the app advertised for the Hulu series Deadbeat, and in February, the app had advertisements for the movie Endless Love. The Deadbeat campaign specifically was praised by AdWeek for its originality and subtlety.

Most recently, as of this week, Whisper is now advertising for MTV’s Virgin Territory. The success of the previous ads came from the subtle branding incorporated into the normal functions of the app. The MTV campaign also follows this theme.04fd4ce76a9e24708644fd5a5c9d4d65123b95-wm

The app, which gives you background choices based on the secret you provide, has incorporated the MTV and Virgin Territory logos into the background of virginity-related posts. So those users who choose to share their intimate secrets will be encouraged to watch the MTV program, which delves into a similar topic.

Considering the popularity of the previous campaigns, Whisper has become inundated with advertising respects. But, much like the aesthetics of the campaign, the company has vowed not “to overdo it.”


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