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Welcome and Please Note!!

Posted by aumasocialmedia on May 22, 2013

Hello Students! You should have received an invite from WordPress to create an account on the class blog. We can discuss in class and work out any bugs or issues you might be having. 

ALSO, PLEASE NOTE: Our classroom has changed. We are now in MGC-332. See you there. NOT in Ward 104


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Alaska Airlines Saved its Reputation via Facebook

Posted by wonghyhelen on August 8, 2012

Last Friday, a customer from Bend, Oregon posted “sad story” on his Facebook page about witnessing the ticket agents from Alaska Airline refusing to help a disabled and physically challenged man to board. The airline responded on its Facebook page later by blaming the disabled man for trying to board with an oversized suitcase and showing signs of inebriation.

However, by Monday afternoon, the president of the airline apologized on its Facebook page that they could have handled the situation more appropriately. Also, they refunded the man’s roundtrip ticket as compensation and will partner with disability advocacy group Open Doors to discuss ways to better serve the needs of disabled travelers.

It is a good example of how a company can possibly solve a crisis by closely monitoring its social media sites. The airline shows its willingness to engage and listen to their customers by responding their concern on Facebook timely. Although the first response with blame was rude, the apology from the president was well enough to prevent the crisis from getting more serious. By mentioning the action that has taken (refund) and will take (partnering with Open Doors), the airline shows their sincerity and how serious they treat each customer’s opinion.

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The Risk of Social Media

Posted by alprosp on August 8, 2012

According to an article in Forbes, social media is now recognized a the fourth-largest source of risk over the next three years – on par with financial risk. The main areas of concern include: cyber attacks, breaches of confidentiality, fast-spreading malicious rumors about the company, as well as financial disclosures.

For most of us this isn’t a surprise, but what I did find shocking is that while social media is recognized as a top risk factor little is done to monitor it. The article highlights that while executives recognize the importance of continuous monitoring of social sites for risk management, fewer than a quarter of them actually do it – meaning that 75% “hope that wildfires won’t spread before they get around to focusing on them.” It’s clear that social media is increasing its reach and influence at a fast rate. What organizations need to do now is focus energy on catching up with the fast pace in order to alleviate the fear of the damage that could be done through it.

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Go without social media? Not likely.

Posted by alprosp on August 8, 2012

Here is a fun info-graphic that provides some interesting insights as to the motives of why people maintain their use of social media platforms. In a recent survey conducted for social networking management service it was revealed that 2 in 3 people are fearful of “missing something” if they don’t stay connected, and that nearly 40% would rather spend a night in jail, run a marathon or even clean the shower drains at a local gym than give up their social networks.

Take a look at the findings – can you relate to any of the stats? If anything, the key observation is that social media is deeply integrated with our everyday lives to the point that without it, some would not be able to function.

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Posted by alprosp on August 8, 2012

The Pew Research Center recently conducted a survey of just over 1,000 individuals asking for their perspective on NBC’s coverage of the Olympics. As many of you know, across social platforms #NBCfail has gotten a lot of attention, but according to the survey those using that hashtag appear to only represent the minority sentiment.

According to an article on Mashable, 76% of those surveyed approve of NBC’s coverage. “Interestingly, considering the popularity of #NBCFail criticism on Twitter, 70% of Pew respondents who are watching the Games online or following via social media rate the coverage as excellent or good. For people watching on TV, it’s 77%.” These results are not very surprising – most people that take the time to comment on a service either really love it or really hate it, otherwise they just click the “like” button or don’t comment at all. But, I do wonder how reliable these results are. Only about 1,000 people were surveyed, and while I’m sure that is a viable pool for most surveys, it doesn’t seem like enough for an issue of this size.

To look at all of NBC’s missteps and say that they did well from a strategic stand point is a stretch. Their numerous spoiler alerts, leaks on social media, and difficultly of use in terms of accessing live streams on the website are just a few mistakes to learn from for the next round of Games.

The article however, outlines that “the Pew survey — coupled with strong ratings for NBC’s primetime coverage — indicates that Twitter carpers may simply be a peanut gallery the network can afford to ignore.” So the question is, whether this so-called “peanut gallery” is a minority or not, should NBC ignore them?

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All the world’s a stage

Posted by alprosp on August 8, 2012

For those of you who are familiar with Shakespeare you’ll recognize these famous lines:

“All the world’s a stage/ and all the men and women merely players…” – from Shakespeare’s As You Like It

To me, those lines are very telling of how we live. And, in this day and age, are most reflected in how we portray ourselves across the different social media platforms we participate in. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, to name a few, are our stage and we are the players.

In his article, Scott Sterling argues that the main problem with social media lies in our inability to just be ourselves – we feel like we must keep up with the Joneses, and there are too many of them across all the platforms to do so. Not only are there a lot of people we tend to compare ourselves to or try to live up to, but today there are extensive opportunities to control how we portray ourselves; raising a new issue of keeping up our own image we put out.

After reading his article I can see where Sterling is coming from. Social media presents a new world in and of itself, and many of us are very aware of how we are portrayed in it and try to influence that perception. But, being intentional with our image isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It’s only when our control of how we are perceived overwhelms who we really are, and when our desire to control how we are perceived is motivated by a desire to keep up or measure up to others, that this practice enters a red zone.

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18 Social Media Don’ts

Posted by Nadia Amika on August 8, 2012

We have been talking a lot about social media sites being reviewed by hiring managers. I completely understand the positives with employer’s checking a social media site and learning a candidates “social tendencies,” but the main thing that needs to be assessed is a person’s skill set. I may have been naive and among the few, but when I reviewed over 100 student applications a year in my previous position, the last thing I wanted to know was what was on a student’s Facebook account. Public or not I felt I was invading their privacy especially if a social media page wasn’t provided. How could I possibly assess their skill sets based on what was written on their wall, included in their photos or written in a profile description? Great candidates can still be found via the traditional resume and cover letter and maybe a personal website if they must show more before an interview. Either way, if you make it past the Facebook background check make sure you do not do any of these 18 things or you could be fired! 

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Social Network Site to Avoid

Posted by lmyette on August 7, 2012

James Duval compiled a list of 7 alternative network sites to avoid. Of the list of 7, I’ve only heard of one and that’s because I did a post about it before. The sites allow for connections to be made, but in ways that would seem unconventional to many. For example, one site connects the public to inmates and allows them to be pen pals. Seems like an interesting connection to me. The list is as follows:


  1. Airtime
  2. Ning
  3. Write a Prisoner
  4. Wee World
  5. Kiwibox
  6. Faceparty
  7. Don’t Stay In!

To see what Duval has to say about these platforms, click here.

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18 things NOT to do!

Posted by lmyette on August 3, 2012

Getting ready to go into the real world and get jobs, we need to remain cognizant that potential employers may go to our social network sites to find out more information about us than we put on our resumes. Jobvite did a recent study surveying more than 1,000 companies and determined that since companies have started using social media, 50% reported finding more candidates and 43% find better candidates. 

With even more evidence that companies look to our social network sites to verify if we are able to complete a job, beware of what you post and make sure you do not do any of these 18 things

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Marriage Proposal Anyone?

Posted by lmyette on August 3, 2012

Through the use of social media, Joel Bush’s marriage proposal to Jennifer Orr swirled around the Internet after a Reddit photographer captured their special moment on Austin’s capitol grounds. Patrick Lu was passing through the park when he saw Bush down on one knee and decided to capture the couple’s special moment and share it with the world.

Once on the site, the picture made it to the top of /r/Austin with 1,400 up votes — the highest of all time in the /r/Austin subreddit. Bush ended up finding the post and shared his happy news that Orr said yes! Having a candid picture provides Bush and Orr the ability to see the moment that they lived in a different light. Lu plans on giving Bush a full resolution picture next week.

Having this picture float around the Internet and find its way back to the couple in the picture, is truly a fairytale and something unexpected. Without Twitter and Reddit, who knows if Bush would’ve ever found the pictures.

Check out the story here on Mashable.

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