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Today,who sells the book?

Posted by madelines on July 30, 2012

imageHere is a good example on today’s social media and apps boosting the sales of a book. Last Monday, the novel “Cloud Atlas” , written by David Mitchell’s, was ranked 2,509 on But on Friday, it became the No.7 on the best seller list. The surge, according to a Wall Street Journal article, was due to a trailer of the novel’s film version posted on Apple website on Thursday, combined the power of social media. Currently, “Cloud Atlas” has 227,000 paperback copies in the U.S.

Jane von Mehren, publisher of trade paperbacks for the Random House Publishing Group, said, “Almost as soon as the trailer went up, we saw chatter on Twitter and sales on Amazon really jumped.”

What’s matter in this case is how fast the trailer sparked the wide interest on this book. If before, it would take people at least one month to spread out the information interpersonally or via the third-party ink. But today, a trailer of an upcoming film can make a book become popular in just one day.


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