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Can a Tweet Go too Far?

Posted by kap07 on July 31, 2012

The Olympics just started this past weekend.  I got to say, it’s a pretty exciting time rooting. Rooting for team  U.S.A. Hoping to get some gold. But, some can take the game a little too far.

A teen got upset at  Olympic diver, Tom Daley coming in fourth place on a diving contest and sounded off on Twitter. I can understand anyone using Twitter to sound off on a lose of a their favorite team or a athlete, but the teen took it to another level.  He made comments about Daley’s dad claiming the athlete “let his father down”( Daley’s dad died of a brain tumor in 2011) and also said he wanted to “drown Daley in a pool”.  Daley responded with disgust and the teen apology then reverted back to insulting Daley for not responding back.  Police got wind of this and arrested the teen.
It makes me think a lot about social media etiquette. We share our accomplishments, “I just graduated!”  or hard times, “ I have to go into the hospital today. Not fun” or when we are mad and can’t take it, “Worst service ever! Never going back there again!” With all that said, taking it to the point of threatening someone is something that on or off line is no laughing matter. A joke is a joke, but when it comes to a  stranger  threatening  someone’s life and going beyond that of being maliciously disrespectful of another’s life, come now…. I hope we all know better, but some don’t. Moral of all this: use your head and life is so much more meaningful  than getting mad and threaten an athlete on the web.


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