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“Oh, please don’t go—we’ll eat you up—we love you so!”

Posted by Stephanie on June 11, 2013

However innovative, creative and advanced technology is, I can’t help but feel sad that learning to actually turn a page in a book is no longer a requirement for reading.

…Ok…that baby MAY still be developing her gross motor skills, HOWEVER I still believe it’s a commentary on future generations.

I do feel happy though that companies such as Google, continue to embrace children’s books as they did today for what would be the 85th birthday of “Where the Wild Things Are” author Maurice Sendak.

Over the years Google has become known for the animated, often interactive displays that welcome visitors to their homepage. It is their daily attempt to acknowledge a piece of history or an obscure societal facet worthy of mentioning. Sometimes it can used for learning, and sometimes it is just silly. Either way, in this case I can feel relieved that although their stories may not require pages to be read anymore, the legacy of authors like Maurice will transcend technology.

-Stephanie Saulsbury


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Facebook goes down in Customer Satisfaction….Are we really surprised?

Posted by lmauti on August 5, 2012

According to a new American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) E-Business Report released in partnership with customer experience analytics firm ForeSee shows that Facebook has dropped significantly in customer satisfaction.  Facebook dropped to 61% on a 100 point scale.

But, are we really surprised as Facebook users?  They constantly upgrade interfaces, change their privacy policies, and aren’t the most transparent in their decisions.  Oh, and if you’re an app developer, you most likely curse out Facebook on a daily basis because of all the changes.

On the more surprising side of the report, Google+ (this is the first report it was included in) came out at a 78% customer satisfaction rate.  While this may seem like bad news for Facebook, Facebook still holds the market.  But I question if that’s the reason why Facebook’s numbers have gone down in satisfaction-are they getting too comfortable with their audience?


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LinkedIn leaves Facebook to make the Noise but Silently Makes the Money

Posted by nigeriaveritas on August 1, 2012

LinkedIn leaves Facebook to make the Noise but Silently Makes the Money

LinkedIn has greatly impressed me (and apparently Wall St.) with their revenue model. The company has a commanding lead in translating their directory to cash. The CEO has kept a low profile and focussed on selling to recruiters. It is reminiscent of RIM (Blackberry) in its glory days – creating a captive niche and extracting value from stable relationships.

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Maximize Your Google Searches Using These Easy Tips & Tricks

Posted by AlanaR on July 31, 2012

Google has transformed our ability to quickly gather information by simply typing in a word or phrase, clicking “search,” and vuala—a mecca of information appears! However, I’m sure we’ve all been frustrated when the information we’re actually looking for doesn’t show up. We want more reliable sources, better quality, and less BS links we have to click on to get there! Well, today my friends, I am going to share with you a few helpful tips to maximize your Google searches:

1.   You can search for a specific type of file by placing “filetype:__” in front of your search. For example, “filetype:ppt social media trends”

2.  Placing a tilde symbol (~) before a word will tell Google to give results with similar terms. For example, “How to clean a ~dog in the sink” will produce results for puppy, doggy, etc.

3.  You can search for similar websites by typing “related: (website url).” For example, to find a website that’s similar to, you would search “related:”

4.  To specify that your search results come from a specific website you can put “site: (url) search term.” For example, if you want to find a cupcake recipe from all you would search “site: cupcakes”

5.  By placing a minus sign before a search term, you can designate that you do not want pages that contain that word

6.  To search for terms that are in a website’s title you can put “intitle:” before your search term. For example, “intitle: iPhone5”

To find more tips and tricks for mastering your google searches, you can visit

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Posted by nigeriaveritas on July 24, 2012


Over 60% of Nigerians have cell phones but only 2.5% are on Facebook. The likely reasons: limited broad band access, primitive connections and “dumb” phones. Google’s provision of an sms-based mail service will certainly increase e-mail penetration (currently at 25%). Google’s action is a catalyst for social change.

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Social media 101: cheat sheets

Posted by bn2954 on July 10, 2012

Do you need to familiarize yourself with the basics and best practices of different social media outlets? Do you need  a  reminder of acronyms or shortcuts to use? If so, read Mashable’s  “12 Essential Social Media Cheat Sheets.” 

  • Facebook. Learn the basics (like how to set up a  profile) and how to create a visually-appealing timeline (using appropriate photo dimensions and sizes). Quickly jump from different features using keyboard shortcuts.
  • Google+. Quickly create and expand the amount of people in your circles, know the constraints (such as the maximum number of photos you can post) and navigate to different features of the tool using keyboard shortcuts.
  • Twitter. Memorize definitions of common Twitter terms (#, RT, @, DM) and learn how to have appropriate Twitter ettiquette.

Perhaps most useful is the “What’s not allowed where” cheat sheet that provides a quick overview of what is considered spam on Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Quoba and Reddit.

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1 billion a month for Google (Eric Schmidt)…thats the number boasted – well done. Now comes the accountability…to Congress?

Posted by JC on June 25, 2011

Great article that the Economist tweeted below:  Although Google can throw big parties for Obama in Silicon Valley and afford the top lobby firms money can buy in DC…watchdogs are hot on the trail of this mega gaint.  The article tweeted by ‘Schumpeter” shares with us their view of what is happening behind the scenes and who’se watching closely at Google and their business practices..this story is about to unfold and it may not be pretty.  Stand by fellow New media folks/followers, and tweeters…its going to be a Googlish ride for all!


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