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Posted by JillianLaffrey on July 28, 2014

For most people, social media serves to connect you to others within (and without) your network. But what happens if relationships go sour in real life? Can those ties be severed online?

LinkedIn recently joined Facebook, Twitter and most other major social media sites in instituting a “Block” feature. But the feature didn’t come quickly enough for many. A significant number of users had complained over the years that LinkedIn had no way of breaking connections. A LinkedIn member from Columbus, Ohio, launched a petition in April 2013 because of a sexual assault in her workplace; the assailant was watching her professionally through LinkedIn.

The developers, however, struggled with how best to institute the “Block” feature, and ensure that all functionality on the site was aligned with their decisions on what someone who had been blocked could see. The decision they arrived at was, ” when you block someone, they should be unable to see your profile or any content you publish. That includes any comments in groups you both might be a part of, or blog posts you publish to the site. It removes them entirely from your LinkedIn experience.”

As social media users, our lives can quickly become an open book. The block functionality on social media sites is vital for maintaining a sense of privacy and security.


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Having trouble finding bandmates? Go to Giggem!

Posted by yuchrisahu on June 26, 2013

Are you still struggling to find a perfect bandmate? Do you feel tired of asking friend’s friend to search for a bandmate? Now, you may have a better place to go – Giggem!

Giggem is a matchmaking service website for musicians, bands, singers, managers and writers. It aims at providing convenience for finding music partners or even managers for managing music careers.

Similar to what job searching site does, the only thing user need to do is to create a profile and Giggem will analyze the personal profile and provide the best matches. In addition, the website also allows users to upload videos to support their profile. Turan, CEO of Giggem, said that they only focus on matching right now and didn’t want to mix networking and marketing with matching at the same time.

However, with our increasing needs to get more useful information and our social needs to find specific people we want, who knows what will going to happen? Maybe what we need is more than matching right now.

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The Mystery of LinkedIn

Posted by Stephanie on June 2, 2013

ImageI just don’t get LinkedIn. Of course I have a profile and keep it updated as LinkedIn falls under the overarching umbrella of social media. Maybe part of the reason I don’t really get it is attributed to my refusal to actually look for a career-focused job until recently. I could teach myself how to use it effectively, and maybe discover something great and career worthy. I could use this very straightforward, very generic article as a guide, but somehow I just don’t see the point.

 I recently tried to reach out to a communications professional involving a potential job lead on LinkedIn. I however could not contact them or invite them to be contacts because I could not supply their email address (which I was in pursuit of in the first place.) I was not a former classmate, was not a colleague (though I hoped to be) and not a friend. So to me, the only time I needed LinkedIn, I couldn’t use it.

Also, I REALLY don’t get endorsing. Why do I have people I have never worked with and barely know from college endorsing me for skills like editing? This can’t be the purpose right? What employer is going to look at my page and think “ah yes, person X endorsed her, so she must be a phenomenal editor!”

This could be me being cynical; I do truly believe LinkedIn is beneficial and has some point. However, is it really worth my time getting to know, when a good old fashioned email and in- person networking seem to lead to similar (if not greater) success?

-Stephanie Saulsbury

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LinkedIn leaves Facebook to make the Noise but Silently Makes the Money

Posted by nigeriaveritas on August 1, 2012

LinkedIn leaves Facebook to make the Noise but Silently Makes the Money

LinkedIn has greatly impressed me (and apparently Wall St.) with their revenue model. The company has a commanding lead in translating their directory to cash. The CEO has kept a low profile and focussed on selling to recruiters. It is reminiscent of RIM (Blackberry) in its glory days – creating a captive niche and extracting value from stable relationships.

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The New Twitter API Rules: Twitter and LinkedIn

Posted by nbalkhjav on July 31, 2012

We briefly talked about the new twitter API rules in class this evening. I’ve heard about it before, but paid little attention to what actually changed. Twitter tightened its API rules on June 29th 2012 and its first round of change was related to LinkedIn. Twitter had three-year agreement with LinkedIn that allowed tweets to auto-publish to LinkedIn. Now, Twitter users’ tweets can no longer automatically get published on their LinkedIn pages. Users who want to publish on both websites simultaneously will have to publish on LinkedIn, and then use the sharing tools on there to send updates to Twitter. Although it is more complicated and involves more stages, it will save many people from unnecessary problems while job-hunting.

Twitter representative Michael Sippey said that the company is tightening its API rules with the partners to give Twitter users a “consistent Twitter experience.” For the most updated API Rules, go to


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Facebook Users May Find Looking For Jobs A Lot Easier

Posted by kap07 on July 14, 2012

According to a recent Mashables’ article, Facebook is looking into creating a job board on their popular social networking site. It is still not noted as to how they are going to implement it. It will be very interesting to see how this effects LinkedIn, which has taken over as one of the top places for job seekers to use online. The article mentions that there is no need for LinkedIn to worry. With the economy the way it is, perhaps the job board will be another outlet for job seekers to search for employment opportunities. Although,  like any new app on Facebook, it will take time to see if this will in fact cause a drive in traffic- especially  for LinkedIn users who may be skeptical on its effectiveness and quality since LinkedIn currently has a large amount of success among users and employers.

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