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MTV is “shedding it’s skin” to Attract a New, Younger Audience

Posted by Lauren F. on June 18, 2013

Oh MTV, what happened to you? The Real World went on about a decade too long, Snookie had a baby and got responsible, and Teen Mom stars are releasing their own porn. Something is definitely amiss at the former voice of the youth tv station. Which is why, an article that appeared in the New York Times today details MTV’s newest attempt to revamp it’s appeal to  the younger members of the Millennial consumer subset. “Longing to Stay Wanted, MTV Turns Its Attention to Younger Viewers,” by Amy Chozick points out a few interesting aspects to this new strategy: 

  • The new MTV will appeal to viewers age 14 to 17 who have different preferences than the 18- to 25-year-olds who make up the older portion of the millennial generation (a cohort born roughly between 1981 and 2000 and also known as Generation Y or the Facebook Generation).
  • “Older millennials were told by their baby boomer parents that “they were special and gifted, with a magic wand capable of changing the world” and “the world is your oyster.” The Generation X parents who are raising this younger crop of millennials tell them “you have to create your own oyster,” the MTV study says.”
  • “Alison Hillhouse, the vice president of MTV Insights who oversaw the study, said 14- to 17-year-olds were even more comfortable with social media and technology than their older siblings. She calls them “digital latchkey kids” because their hands-off Generation X parents have largely left them alone to navigate the Web.”

The question I have is, by attempting to attract a younger generation to the channel, will MTV as a result alienate older Millennials who already have exposure and possibly a relationship with the brand? This will clearly will only be answered with time. 





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Can Social Media Keep TV Shows Alive?

Posted by Nadia Amika on July 30, 2012

MTV implemented a “Storytelling Without Borders” strategy with social media game The Hunt to run parallel to the popular Teen Wolf show. Teen Wolf fans were active in the game and 81% were weekly visitors. The popularity of the game and the show’s ratings “definitely played a role” in the show’s renewal for a third season, said MTV.

SocialSamba a storytelling platform was responsible for creating the Teen Wolf social TV game along with social TV games for USA Network show’s HashTag Killer for dramedy Psych and Suits Recruits for legal drama Suits.

With the popularity of social media, TV shows can benefit from a good social media strategy along with their show. Advertisers are also finding a way to get in on the social media games and MTV believes that it is possible to include non-obtrusive ads into the next iteration of The Hunt.

It will be interesting to see how social media might shape the TV watching experience. Do you think social media could replace commercial advertising slots?

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