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All the world’s a stage

Posted by alprosp on August 8, 2012

For those of you who are familiar with Shakespeare you’ll recognize these famous lines:

“All the world’s a stage/ and all the men and women merely players…” – from Shakespeare’s As You Like It

To me, those lines are very telling of how we live. And, in this day and age, are most reflected in how we portray ourselves across the different social media platforms we participate in. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, to name a few, are our stage and we are the players.

In his article, Scott Sterling argues that the main problem with social media lies in our inability to just be ourselves – we feel like we must keep up with the Joneses, and there are too many of them across all the platforms to do so. Not only are there a lot of people we tend to compare ourselves to or try to live up to, but today there are extensive opportunities to control how we portray ourselves; raising a new issue of keeping up our own image we put out.

After reading his article I can see where Sterling is coming from. Social media presents a new world in and of itself, and many of us are very aware of how we are portrayed in it and try to influence that perception. But, being intentional with our image isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It’s only when our control of how we are perceived overwhelms who we really are, and when our desire to control how we are perceived is motivated by a desire to keep up or measure up to others, that this practice enters a red zone.


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Maximize Your Google Searches Using These Easy Tips & Tricks

Posted by AlanaR on July 31, 2012

Google has transformed our ability to quickly gather information by simply typing in a word or phrase, clicking “search,” and vuala—a mecca of information appears! However, I’m sure we’ve all been frustrated when the information we’re actually looking for doesn’t show up. We want more reliable sources, better quality, and less BS links we have to click on to get there! Well, today my friends, I am going to share with you a few helpful tips to maximize your Google searches:

1.   You can search for a specific type of file by placing “filetype:__” in front of your search. For example, “filetype:ppt social media trends”

2.  Placing a tilde symbol (~) before a word will tell Google to give results with similar terms. For example, “How to clean a ~dog in the sink” will produce results for puppy, doggy, etc.

3.  You can search for similar websites by typing “related: (website url).” For example, to find a website that’s similar to, you would search “related:”

4.  To specify that your search results come from a specific website you can put “site: (url) search term.” For example, if you want to find a cupcake recipe from all you would search “site: cupcakes”

5.  By placing a minus sign before a search term, you can designate that you do not want pages that contain that word

6.  To search for terms that are in a website’s title you can put “intitle:” before your search term. For example, “intitle: iPhone5”

To find more tips and tricks for mastering your google searches, you can visit

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