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Food, Water, Shelter, Internet Access?

Posted by lazdinsa on June 6, 2011

Hey everyone. I wanted to share a link to a story that I read this morning. In a recent report by the UN, it was stated that Internet access should be considered a basic human right. The UN goes as far as saying that disconnecting people from the Internet is a violation of human rights.

 I believe that this is a fascinating milestone which marks how deeply embedded technology is in our society. What do you think?

Personally, I would agree with the report. In an increasingly interconnected world, the Internet lends a voice to masses, allowing them to share ideas, and even fight against injustice. Stripping people away from this communication tool, in a way, leaves them powerless, especially for those living under authoritarian regimes. People without online access are more vulnerable to propaganda, with limited forums to question the actions of government.  

Perhaps just as bad is the issue of censorship. To this day, China remains one of the largest countries in the world to enforce state control over what citizens can view online. Is this a violation of human rights? Ask Google.


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