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Quality VS Quantity

Posted by nguldin on May 23, 2013

How long should a blog post actually be? Maybe 500 words. Never a thousand words, right? Everyone has a different opinion. But in the end, most agree that it better not be long.

The CAHOOTS website, which discusses social media tips, claims a blog post should be over 300 words for SEO purposes but no more than 500 words. After breaching 500 words, the blogger may be giving the reader too much to digest at one time.

Do NOT be repetitive! We live in this technological world where everyone is seeking information as quickly as possible, so get to the point. In order to help the reader process the information fast, the blogger must write in a simple manner. Wordy sentences only hinder the minds attempt to process information.

Why not break a large piece up into multiple posts? If your blog post exceeds 500 words, think about breaking the piece up into a series of posts. By creating a routine and posting about a certain topic over a certain period of time, it may attract readers to come back.

The most important tip to remember is that quality trumps all. If a reader comes to your blog seeking specific information and they come across a poorly written post, none of these other details explained above will matter.

Ultimately, a blog post must please the reader so much that they want to return to your website later to read more. If you would like to read more of this article from the CAHOOTS website, click here.

-Nicholas G. Guldin


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